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Attend a nearby event to experience the latest technology, learn about Dell Technologies' practical uses, and participate in technical workshops.
Warsaw, Poland will host the 2023 ICCO Global Summit, themed "Identity, Influence and Innovation", exploring PR in the age of AI and geopolitical shifts. Join international experts for two days of networking, discussion, and insight, culminating in a gala dinner.
"Poland Shoes Expo - International Fair Covering Whole Shoes Industry in Poland"The entire industry in one location at one time! See thousands of dazzling products unrivaled in terms of quality and variety. Connect with suppliers from around the world and discover the latest trends. Open yourself to new business opportunities and establish cooperation with a wide profile of participants. Participants are also associations, federations and designers operating in the industry.
The fair will be devoted to a wide presentation of all types of investment properties: condo hotels, apart hotels, year-round houses, micro-apartments, plots of land...
The Global Defence Helicopter (GDH) meeting will be held in Warsaw, Poland. It aims to address current challenges faced by NATO, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine and terrorism. The meeting will also promote dialogue and cooperation in the Asia Pacific region. Rotary wing aviation, both crewed and uncrewed, is crucial for addressing these security challenges. Warsaw, located in the heart of NATO's response to Russian posturing, is an ideal location for the event. With over 600 military helicopter professionals attending, it will be the largest gathering of its kind in Europe.
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The Biggest Consumer Electronics and New Technology Trade Show in Poland"Warsaw Home Electronics is an opportunity for companies from the home electronics sector to intensify their sales activities and present market premieres. In turn, for visitors to the fair, it is an ideal space for business meetings, exchange of experiences, and a source of information about changes taking place in the industry. The fair not only static exhibitions, but also effective and dynamic presentations, enriched with industry conferences and workshops. It is the first event in Poland that presents the most modern technologies and solutions of the world's leading producers from the home electronics industry in such a comprehensive and innovative way.
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EXPO Kraków HORECA® is the 30th International Trade Fair of Hotel and Catering Equipment organized by Targi w Krakowie Ltd. in the upcoming year.
Retail chains can share their observations and expectations for their branded products. We welcome international corporations, smaller private label producers, and companies seeking to establish their presence in retail chains. Private label products account for 19% of the FMCG sector, with significant growth in Poland last year. The private label market in Poland from July 2021 to June 2022 was valued at PLN 39.95 billion. Buyers consider themselves smart shoppers, regardless of location or income.
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International Tour & Travel Show"TT Warsaw is a top Polish trade show for the tourism industry in Central and Eastern Europe. It offers foreign businesses the chance to connect with key Polish entities and establish valuable contacts.
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Animals Days - Zoological Fair"Animals Days is the largest zoological and veterinary trade fair in Poland, offering everything about animals in one place. The event features an International Cat and Dog Show, educational events on pet care, and a wide range of food, supplements, and services for pets.
The Dog Show will display a variety of products such as pets, accessories, medicine, clothing, shoes, belts, and more.
🚀 We invite you to the flagship event of the Polish-Ukrainian Startup Bridge - Demo Day by Kyiv Tech Hub. This marks the fifth edition of our grand event, bringing together promising Ukrainian startups, investors, and all enthusiasts of the startup industry under one roof. For the second consecutive year, due to Russia's attack on Ukraine, our project's main event will be hosted in Warsaw. However, despite the change in location, our commitment to supporting Ukrainian startups remains unwavering. 💫 What can you expect at the event? Experience a thrilling pitching competition featuring 10 carefully curated startups, engage in B2B networking opportunities with prominent venture capitalists, participate in insightful panel discussions, expand your professional network, and savor delectable appetizers. 🧐 Who is invited to participate? This free, open event welcomes startup entrepreneurs, investors, IT community members, media professionals, and anyone with an interest in the dynamic world of startups. Join us for an unforgettable experience!