En línea Alimentos, Bebidas, Envases SYSKEVASIA

30 septiembre 2022 - 03 octubre 2022
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EXHIBITS GENERALLY: • Machines, equipment, raw materials, semi-finished materials and final packaging for all packaging applications • Printings of all kinds for packaging • Equipment, machines, systems and materials for any type of logistics • Systems, machines and recycling products TYPES OF PACKAGING Packaging from: • Plastic, inflated polystyrene • Paper, carton • Metal (aluminum, tin, inox) • Glass • Wood • Fabric • Cane, bamboo • Combinations Packaging per branch: • Agricultural • Industrial • Consumptive • Wholeselling, distributional, retailing, Super Market Packaging per sub branch: • Foods, drinks, refreshments • One use • Bakery, confectionary • Chemicals, lubricants • Detergents, cleaning products • Medicines, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, perfumes and items of beautification • Colors, brighteners, inks, etc. • Clothing, shoes, sports items, etc. • Gifts, jewels, etc. •Luxurious packaging • Toys, etc. • Electrical & Electronic devices (cd’s, DVD’s) & industrial accessories • Postal and courier • House linen • Various sub branches
Dirección: Atenas, Grecia