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04 septiembre 2022 - 04 septiembre 2022
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Parents know this: The kids are growing so quickly, some things are barely worn. When toy is the same: The children continue to develop so rapidly that the much-loved part at some point lies only in the corner. Then it's children mucking out, make room for new things. And what to do with all the well-preserved games and clothes? At Plank * - Bremen and Oldenburg's popular second-hand market around the child around.
In Bremen you can sell four times a year, what else is piling up unused in the attic. In Oldenburg there is a date in spring and autumn. Several thousand people go to this particular flea market for bargains. The exhibition halls are independent of the weather: warm and dry in both cities and very centrally located, easy access to excellent.
Dirección: Oldenburg, Alemania