En línea TI, comercio electrónico E-COMMERCE Paris

20 septiembre 2022 - 22 septiembre 2022
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Even in times of crisis, an e-trader must stay abreast of the latest innovations, not to risk getting caught speed.
And test them as soon as possible.
BeezUP, for example, plans to launch at the show its system of referencing shop with price comparison sites, shopping engines of social networking sites or cashback.
SalesJog will also debut on the show: it is a navigation bar for additional commercial sites, to establish a kind of pre-shopping cart. When the user has to buy different products in several departments, navigation in the catalog makes it easier.
It should also dig beyond new products for innovations such as this showcase site-oriented market FullSIX mounted on behalf of Renault and who practices in Adobe Flex for refreshment needs real-time inventory.
Rich Media segment, three companies make short presentation Thursday morning YouzWeb, Kréalid and Neotrope, before two conferences on the use of widgets provided by Kreactive Technologies (and his second Le Figaro) and Effiliation. Sokoz end with an overview of innovation in e-commerce, a very broad topic that covers very different concepts. As for Nosibay, it will unveil its new widget "Bubble Dock" Tuesday morning on his lecture.
Another tool already adopted by the merchants most visionary: the video. ViewOnTV, in his lecture on the use of the image, particularly return on the issue of return on investissemment. VideoMark explain how to sell through video, and Brainsonic take care of clearing the ground, pointing 10 mistakes not to make with these videos.
Treepodia and Prod Interactive will discuss topics on their side just as real: the establishment of an electronic catalog video, and the importance of narrative in the clips.
Dirección: Paris, Francia