Eventos futuros Lituania

4 events
The International Scientific Conference Transport Means offers attendees the chance to learn about various topics including Aviation, Automotive, Defence Technologies, Fuels and Combustion, Intelligent Transport Systems, Railway, Traffic, Transport Infrastructure and Logistics, and Waterborne Transport.
Ekspoziciju Centras, along with other industry groups, is hosting an exhibition called Made in Lithuania to showcase the country's manufacturers and encourage the consumption of their products. The event will feature new product tastings, cosmetic and household innovations, clothing and accessories, and socially responsible businesses. Visitors can contribute to social issues by purchasing products.
The Digital Ecosystems for Sustainable Society Conference in Kaunas, Lithuania offers a valuable opportunity to explore the intersection of technology and sustainability. Attendees can participate in academic tracks, business cases, and workshops to learn about the latest research and advancements in digital transformation. The conference focuses on the impact of technology on sustainable societies, providing a platform to delve into pressing topics and stay updated on the latest trends and developments.