Online Agriculture Garten Munchen

08 March 2023 - 12 March 2023
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About event
Exhibition of products for the garden, as well as plants and accessories to care for them. The exhibition can be found thousands of ideas for design and decoration of interiors with plants and flowers, as well as to find products and accessories to care for them. During the exhibition, presented by two specialized exhibitions: GartenPremium - design solutions for growing plants on balconies, patios and in gardens. GartenMarktplatz - exposure of plants and flowers for balconies and gardens. At the exhibition you will see Garten Munchen: decorative landscaping, garden tools, garden furniture, biological, and chemical fertilizers, lighting for gardens and parks, water technologies, flowers, seeds and seedlings, equipment for parks, gardens, playgrounds, mushroom cultivation, laboratory and macrobiotics, and more.
Address: Germany