Online EPMT (Microtechnology Professional Environment)

06 June 2024 - 09 June 2024
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About event

Designed for and by professionals, EPMT (Microtechnology Professional Environment) is an annual international show, the only one in Switzerland, that brings together under one roof the whole of microtechnologies.

The world today, the everyday life, are full of microtechnology; it is obvious and the present already, but the future even more, is and will be conditioned by the ultra-fast development of micro-nanotechnologies.

Reason why, for that matter, it is imperative for the frequency of such an exhibition to be annual, as technical development and progress are constant in these areas.

Who is EPMT intended for?


Exhibitors are all trades, all businesses, provided they contribute to develop the micro, in the following areas:

  • Services: designers, engineering offices, softwares …
  • Raw material
  • Means of production: machinery, equipment, tools, accessories
  • Subcontracting: automation, bar turning, cutting, machining
  • Research and training institutes, laboratories

The whole of professionals and international clients who, with experts, want to find ideas and new solutions concerning design, processing, manufacture, development, distribution or communication.

EPMT is a meeting and business platform, in a quiet, convivial and appropriate environment.

And why EPHJ?

With the complimentary show EPHJ (Watchmaking and Jewellery Professional Environment), EPMT wants to gather all Swiss and international companies (20% currently) working in micro and nano technology, and this for all areas application, including watchmaking.

Areas that may look different but are in fact so close and have so much synergy with each other.

The show has the very important advantage for many companies to be the only one to combine microtechnology and watchmaking, to have this twinning that is a definite asset.

Trade and business platform that had become, according to professionals, unmissable, multi-area and multi-technology, horizontal and transverse, EPMT-EPHJ is the most important annual event in Switzerland in the field of high precision and microtechnology (about 550 direct exhibitors in 2010) and is destined to become also one of the most important in Europe.

Address: Switzerland