Online Caravan Salon Dusseldorf

26 August 2023 - 03 September 2023
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"With 170 200 visitors, the CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF 2010 under the three best in its history and has exceeded our expectations," Joachim Schäfer, Managing Director of Messe Dusseldorf GmbH, summed up satisfied. "We are particularly pleased that invest more than half of visitors with specific purchase intentions and willingness to come to Dusseldorf. 70 percent of prospective buyers said they want to 25,000 euros and spend more on a new vehicle "The number of foreign visitors has increased. 23 000 international visitors used the world's leading trade fair in Dusseldorf, to get a first impression of the vehicle generation 2011 . make They took part in long-show purchase. Among others were caravaning fans and professionals from Australia and New Zealand, America, China and Mexico on CARAVAN SALON. On the fair's parking lot, the Caravan Centre, were 25 200 vehicles overnight stays.
Address: Germany