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Explore Innovative and cutting-edge techologies"The Travel Tech Middle East Summit is a global meeting platform, marketplace, and knowledge center for travel professionals. It aims to equip professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to adopt new technologies, implement best practices, and stay updated on industry trends.
Samantha Johnson, the managing director of Polestar Australia, is responsible for overseeing the brand's launch and future growth. Prior to her role at Polestar, she was Director of Business Control at Volvo. She is currently leading the transition of one of Australia's largest passenger vehicle fleets to electric. Natalie is a policy professional with experience in the electric vehicle and financial services sectors. She currently serves as Policy Manager at the Electric Vehicle Council, an industry association dedicated to increasing EV adoption for sustainable transport. Renata has extensive industry development experience, focusing on hydrogen and zero emission. They enjoy creating programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water, and waste for the community and businesses.
11 Oct
The World Printers Summit offers a platform for publishers, printers, and suppliers to discuss their needs for newsprint, materials, and other supplies. It also facilitates discussions on optimizing investments in press and mailroom.
11 Oct
Fashion Prime, which set out to bring together the suppliers who produce and trade the products needed by the fashion and ready-made clothing industry, and to mediate the establishment of commercial connections, aims to make a great contribution to the export of the sector with the bilateral business meetings to be held during the fair. In FASHION PRIME, where all components of the ready-made clothing industry, especially fabric types and accessories, and sectoral trends will be presented to professional visitors, designers will have the opportunity to come together with the participants.
COOLTECH Expo offers the latest ideas, products, services, and technologies to give your business a competitive edge. Whether you're interested in the Cold Chain Industry or promoting your services, the expo has all the answers. It also provides a special session for exhibitors to showcase their company profile and connect with potential employees.
11 Oct
International Packaging Industry Fair"The Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair is a leading event in the packaging industry, providing end-to-end solutions for production. Manufacturers from all industries attend to discover cost-saving solutions and stay informed about packaging and food processing.
The largest professional event dealing with real estate maintenance and renovation in Finland."Real Estate Helsinki is a leading event in Finland's property maintenance, management and renovation industry. Attendees can access informative presentations, seminars and a large exhibition area showcasing products and services.
The conference will focus on real estate"The Calgary Real Estate Forum will assess investment, development, financing, and leasing in the office, retail, industrial, and multi-residential markets. It will also explore opportunities in the changing market conditions of Western Canada.
Australia's Safeguarding Summit is the country's top security event and has been running since the National Security Annual Summit in Canberra. The rise of China challenges the post-World War II global power dynamic, and while world leaders stress the need for dialogue and cooperation, entrenched positions remain.
WEAR is Canada's premier forum hosted by Fashion Takes Action, that aims to inspire and accelerate sustainability within the global fashion industry. This year's theme, Impact with Intention, recognizes that it's not enough to simply set a goal. Intention provides us with purpose, inspiration and motivation to achieve measurable impact. Once again, WEAR is bringing global brand owners, retailers, academics, manufacturers, NGO's, innovators, and policy makers together, to accelerate our collective efforts toward progress and a more conscious fashion future.
The New Reset- Changing Face of Indian M&E Industry"The objective of the CII Big Picture Summit is to unite the most talented individuals in the creative and business fields worldwide in order to establish a clear plan for elevating the Indian M&E sector. Discussions will revolve around global trends and opportunities, the recovery of revenues to pre-pandemic levels, domestic consumer preferences, and local opportunities for reaching a global audience through digital platforms that were previously nonexistent. The summit will feature various sessions with the participation of content creators, broadcasters, buyers, studios, production companies, publishers, distributors, and developers from the entire Media & Entertainment industry.
We are excited to announce the upcoming IX Latin American Jungian Psychology Congress, to be held at the Radisson Hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay. The high number of registrations and papers received shows our success in fostering a welcoming and collaborative environment for the development and sharing of Jungian knowledge.
Electrifying India's Mobility"The India eMobility Show is a premier event aimed at positioning India’s EV market at the centre of global dialogue and promoting the adoption of EVs in the country. Building on the resounding success of the first edition, the event will once again provide an ideal platform to network, exchange ideas, and form long-term partnerships.
TECHSPO Dubai is a two-day technology expo held at the luxurious 5-star Hyatt Regency Dubai Hotel in Dubai, UAE. It brings together developers, brands, marketers, and innovators to showcase the next generation of technology and innovation. Exhibitors have the opportunity to connect with consumers, investors, and press, while attendees can learn about the impact of evolving technologies on their businesses. This event attracts a diverse range of professionals from the global technology industry.