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24–25 Feb 2023
The fair start in Hamburg is Hamburg's fair for professional training and study. Welsch Erland occupations and industries currently offer good opportunities? Which brings me to my desire degree course work closer? This and Other Questions to answer on the entry Messe Hamburg Over 300 exhibitors. IN ADDITION TO offer to the exhibitors' stands THERE present a program with numerous talk shows and in those ways for career choice are shown and given an insight into careers and industries are.
24–26 Feb 2023
Besides the new 2011er models, accessories, clothing, used motorcycle market with great bikes and scooters for every budget. This year it will also reflect different shows around the motorcycle / scooter theme. In the halls there will be again this year the opportunity to present his motorsport. For example: driving demonstrations of pit and pocket bikes, stunt shows, motorcycle test drive without a license, and much more ...
24–26 Feb 2023
The fair Tuning & Sound Convention Freiburg is a Grand Opening for Cars, bikes and Electronic. About 50 exhibitors at the Convention & Sound Tuning Messe Freiburg Messe any cars, motorcycles, tuning and spare parts, Car Audio & Electronics, as well as motorbike clothing and magazines. An extensive program of Miss Tuning dial, a driving simulator and music is also offered by Tuning & Sound Messe Convention from Freiburg.
<span>The </span><span>Tanzania Trade Show, <span>International Trade Exhibition</span></span><span> to be held from 21 - 23 September 2012</span><b></b><span> will take place at Diamond Jubilee Hall, Dar-Es-Salaam. The event attracts visitors from all over East & Central Africa while exhibitors participate from over 20 countries. Visitors from the neighboring countries would include Kenya,Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique & Zaire.</span>
24–26 Feb 2023
Whether fixed or individual travel, weekend trips, city break or short-distance travel - the travel market holiday seekers will find it. At three days to transform the exhibition halls 9-13 learn in a giant "travel agency" in which tour operators, tourism regions, international tourist offices, recreation areas, hotels, airlines, bus and shipping companies on their offers. "Holidays at your fingertips" is the motto of the exhibitors, not only keep information brochures and flyers ready, but some also advertise with culinary samplings and imaginative decorations for their holiday offers.
24–26 Feb 2023
New models, new features in the program: The CAR in Freiburg can driver's heart beat faster! New models, new features in the program: The CAR in Freiburg can driver's heart beat faster! Also, 2012 MOTOR marked the starting point again in Freiburg in the car year - 4 weeks prior to Geneva!
24–27 Feb 2023
"Re-Living" redirect, revamp, re-arrange, renovate, re-raise, rehabilitate ... to meet the growing needs of visitors to the renovation market growing: 66 billion euros in sales in a market of 55% of houses of which 80% are homeowners. Wood & Eco-housing construction wood from eco-energy, development of eco-design, innovative products to those more respectful of the planet ... Passion & Renovation House serves a real commitment to eco-consumerism, and more responsible citizen. The Contemporary Home Decoration, design, shop fitters, architects, kitchens, baths, fireplaces, stereo-video, new technologies ...
Weeding Accessories, goods and services fair. Here You will find renting services, juwellery, confectionery, ocaccion wear, cards, cars so on.                                                                                                                                                                
25–26 Feb 2023
Exhibition of wedding accessories.Die Messe Thüringen feiert in Erfurt ist die Messe für Hochzeit & Feste.Zahlreiche Aussteller präsentieren auf der Hochzeit & Feste Messe Thüringen Modetipps, Frisurideen, Schmuck, Accessoires und Make-up. Darüber hinaus bieten Floristen, Messe Künstler, Fotografen, Gastronome und Veranstaltungsmacher Ihre Dienstleistungen an.Thüringen feiert, Thüringens größte Messe für Hochzeiten, Kinder- und Jugendfeste, Bälle, private Feste und Firmenjubiläen.
25 Feb — 05 Mar 2023
Also on the program, the presentation by the aid AAPrA technical, financial and logistics professionals now available to Bordeaux and Aquitaine. With the representative office based in Wuhan in central China, wine producers can benefit from a real personalized support from which to attack the Chinese market. And by the end of the year, an under-customs should be released. It will facilitate exports from both a financial standpoint, logistics and sales and thus offer good prospects for development of Aquitaine wine sales in China.
The world's largest dinghy show.  Whether you're a novice or an experienced sailor, the show's a great place to find out more about dinghy sailing. London's Alexandra Palace hosts the Royal Yachting Association's (RYA) Dinghy Sailing Show, an impressive showcase of over 200 exhibitors, including over 100 different classes of dinghy. There are also talks by well-known sailors and some of the finest dinghy sailing equipment in the world.As well as plenty of vessels to view, there is a full programme of live entertainment and demonstrations, providing sailors with the latest information, gear and technology. Enthusiasts can pick up the latest electronic wizardry to improve racing performance, replace a worn-out sail, buy a new spray top or even upgrade from an old Oppy to a new high-performance Olympic-class racing dinghy.
25 Feb — 05 Mar 2023
Building and ConstructionLivingInterior ConstructionHousekeepingNourishmentLeisureAgricultureMotor VehiclesPersonal SuppliesGarmentDie Messe Thüringen feiert in Erfurt ist die Messe für Hochzeit & Feste.Zahlreiche Aussteller präsentieren auf der Hochzeit & Feste Messe Thüringen Modetipps, Frisurideen, Schmuck, Accessoires und Make-up. Darüber hinaus bieten Floristen, Messe Künstler, Fotografen, Gastronome und Veranstaltungsmacher Ihre Dienstleistungen an.Thüringen feiert, Thüringens größte Messe für Hochzeiten, Kinder- und Jugendfeste, Bälle, private Feste und Firmenjubiläen.
25 Feb — 05 Mar 2023
The spring exhibition in Kassel trade fair is an exhibition for the garden, travel, leisure, home, saving energy and nature. Around 450 exhibitors present at the spring exhibition in Kassel a wide range of products around the topic areas of gardening, travel, leisure, home, saving energy and natural. At a special exhibition area of ​​1,200 square meters are at the Spring Fair exhibition in Kassel about to find out information and products to the current exhibition's theme.
26–28 Feb 2023
GLOBAL SHOES in Düsseldorf, Germany, is the leading trade show for sourcing in the international Shoe Business. This unique bi-annual trade fair will be held parallel to the GDS trade show. Some 420 exhibitors from more than 25 countries will present their latest collections for Ladies’ and Men’s Shoes, Lifestyle and Sports, Wellness and Children Shoes. The GLOBAL SHOES trade show is a must-see event for all manufacturers interested in volume business.
26 Feb — 02 Mar 2023
Europe’s leading Trade Fair for IT and Security in Retail, closed on Thursday (4 March 2010) in Düsseldorf. The exhibitors, visitors and trade fair organizers said they were extremely satisfied with the course of the event. Over three days, 190 exhibitors from 22 nations presented forward-looking IT and security solutions for all sectors of the retail trade. A total of 5,400 trade visitors came to the Rhine to inform themselves about the range of products and services specifically tailored to the retail trade and its partners.
26–27 Feb 2023
Offer: Evening wear, bridal wear, cocktail fashion, special sizes, children's festival clothing, lingerie, accessories, shoes Visitor target groups: Trade buyers, clothing shops, textile shipper of goods / department stores, specialty stores for evening, bridal and cocktail fashion chain stores. Register. evening fashion bridal fashion fashion cocktail underwear accessories shoes children-clothing festival
26–28 Feb 2023
At a glance we show you all information you need for preparing your visit to GDS. Amongst other things here you will find useful data on the fair, on how to buy and use tickets as well as key addresses and contacts.Visitors holding an eTicket can travel free of charge on public transport within the network of the VRR transport authority (and 2nd class on German railways). In fact, all admission tickets to GDS allow free use of transport.
27 Feb — 02 Mar 2023
The exhibition Call Center World, Berlin is the international event of Call Center Management. More than 260 international exhibitors will be on the Call Center World Fair in Berlin about 8,000 square feet of exhibition space with an innovative and comprehensive overview of the market and presented their products and services. As Europe's largest event for the call center industry call center under the World Congress of Berlin offers various pre-congress seminars, the Strategy Day, forums and workshops. <!-- BEGIN ADITIONTAG Website-Tag Werbeplatz: Sky, Website:, Unternehmen:, Typ: dynamic, Größe: (Bereich, 1x1 - 160x600) --><!-- ADAOS.classic Rotation-AdTag // SN: 13 // AS: 1361 -->
28 Feb — 02 Mar 2023
LOPE-C is the official annual conference and exhibition of the Organic Electronics Association (OE-A). It is the largest and most comprehensive annual convention worldwide, dedicated to rapid progress in the field of organic and printed electronics. Join more than 800 attendees and 75+ exhibitors at LOPE-C 2012! LOPE-C is set to figure as the most complete overview of the latest technological developments and a showcase of the rapidly evolving manufacturing capacity for organic and printed electronics. LOPE-C covers the entire industrial value chain – from academic research to R&D, to production, to commercialization, to end-user cultivation. LOPE-C 2011 strives to be the central meeting place of the global organic and printed electronics industry.
28 Feb — 02 Mar 2023
Europe’s most succesful event in terms of orders for promotional and trend-led products is now taking place for the 13. time. Launched just four years ago, the fair’s amazing diversity quickly made it the no. 1 event for top buyers from Germany and across Europe. Its success is charted by the continued growth in the number of exhibitors and visitors.     The IAW is strictly for professionals – it’s like a summit of the retail trade. Buyers welcome the fact that they can find, plan and order – on the spot – complete ranges and products for themed retail promotions. More than 200 exhibitors and importers from numerous countries will be staging an outstanding display covering 22,000 m² in Hall 6! Understandably, this is where the top buyers from the big retail chains can be found.
01–05 Mar 2023
The OstseeMesse has a long tradition and a high degree of popularity. It is the largest trade fair exhibitors and visitors in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and is available for a wide variety of exhibitors who come from different industries. More and more companies are recognizing in our time a trade fair participation for the direct route to customers. Covering an area of ​​10,200 square meters with up to 200 exhibitors will find everything your heart desires. The regional and national companies will be presenting things for daily needs as well as curiosities and rarities. Whether food and beverage, tourism and leisure-time activities or arts and crafts - the OstseeMesse every visitor will find. The large crowds is the annual flower show in the middle of the hall. To ten percent of the total exhibition area each year a new theme is implemented in design and floristically. 2011 visitors could enjoy the OstseeMesse a short holiday in Italy. Under the motto "Bella Italia" sprayed the flower show with Italian flair and temperament. The success of the OstseeMesse addition to the extensive product and service offerings by the exhibitor especially the artists and programmers. Actors, musicians, dancers and clubs act of 2012 active on the stage with and create a varied daily entertainment. Have fun on the Baltic Sea Fair 2012 wishes OstseeMesse the project team
01–02 Mar 2023
Owning your own home as an essential factor of individual self-realization: Especially in this day and age the home is becoming increasingly important. The apartment is not only everyday experience, but also a place of rest and relaxation as well as an adventure and work. The joy customize your own four walls and the garden is growing steadily and substantially contributes to self-realization. From this point of the present INVENTA of 17 to 20 February 2011 at the Messe Karlsruhe inspiring living environments and quality design ideas. to create harmonious living spaces is fun, brings fresh air and quality of life in your own four walls. Exclusive interior design ideas and impulses for individual design offers the discerning visitor INVENTA - Art of Living.
Confex is the UK's leading event for event organisers. Designed to inspire, Confex brings together the world of event organisers with an array of colourful venues, destinations and event support services.  In 2011 over 14, 000 industry players joined us at Confex. This year the show programme will be bigger than ever before - free seminars, keynote sessions, advice centres, CV clinic and a whole host of networking opportunities makes Confex the key to transforming your event in to something amazing.