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The nanoBalkan International Conference (NB) is launching after the success of the previous events in Albania. It aims to showcase current research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, along with related policies and initiatives. The event will include specific sessions on hot topics such as "Graphene and 2DM" and networking opportunities.
must be original, unpublished and related to the topics of chemical engineering, industrial engineering, computer systems, or administrative engineering. Participants can register their abstracts until August 6, 2023, and submit their full papers until September 17, 2023. The event will be held in Orizaba, Ver., from October 16-20, 2023.
The Annual Conference of the Illinois GIS Association will discuss various topics, including current trends and projects using ArcGIS applications, new sources of GIS data, mobile GIS tools and projects, GIS applications in local government, emergency response, transportation, utilities, asset management, and cartography.
IGTM Lisbon is a community for golf travel professionals to expand their businesses. Pre-scheduled meetings connect golf destinations with leading agents and operators, creating a platform for real business and industry insights. It offers a unique opportunity to meet qualified buyers, source new products, gain exposure, and stay current with industry trends.
Sarah Owens, a Community Perinatal Peer Support Worker, discussed coping with COVID-19 in a Perinatal Community Team. Mark Williams, an International Campaigner, presented the webinar on supporting parental mental health. The webinar addressed COVID-19 concerns and possible impacts on mothers and infants. The next Special Interest Days event on the theme of 'Families' will be held on Zoom.
16 Oct
"The Largest Trade Show for Fashion Beauty & Apparel"Vancouver Fashion Week is an exceptional event that attracts industry professionals and innovative designers worldwide to celebrate fashion's creativity and diversity. It is a prestigious industry event that invites the most creative talent, facilitating trade and exposure for international guests while highlighting Vancouver's local talent.
Come together with over 1200 industry experts, including dairy leaders, farmers, suppliers, academics, and government representatives, to discuss the vast potential of dairy in feeding the world and its role in creating a sustainable global food system.
Spectrum Conferences is organizing the International Summit on Sensors and Sensing Technology Conference in Barcelona, Spain. Participants from around the world are invited to attend and learn about recent developments, influential researchers, and industry leaders. The conference will feature exhibitors showcasing research and commercial applications in various market sectors. Sensors and sensing technology have significant implications in industries such as medical, defense, and scientific research. This conference aims to facilitate international collaboration, expand professional networks, and foster research partnerships.
The total supply chain summit is a highly focused event that brings together logistics and supply chain buyers and suppliers, for one-to-one business meetings and valuable networking opportunities; in two days!
A festival in Barcelona showcases how design can transform society in response to current social, economic, ecological, and cultural changes. The goal is to bring design closer to the public.
The global golf expo, IGTM, is the go-to event for golf travel professionals. It exhibits golf destinations, resorts, and courses to tour operators seeking to expand their offerings. IGTM offers a cost-effective platform for business growth through pre-scheduled meetings. It connects golf destinations, resorts, and courses with leading travel agents and tour operators, contributing to the growth of the outbound tourism market. If you cover golf travel in leisure titles, golf publications, or travel trade media, this event is for you.
The World Hydrogen Energy Summit is the Energy And Environment Foundation's global event offering a unique platform for hydrogen leaders to explore new energy futures. The theme of the summit is "Green Hydrogen: Cleaner and Zero Emission Fuel for a Sustainable Green Economy".
16 Oct
We are delighted to welcome you to the Cyber Security in Networking Conference and all future editions. The conference aims to bring together academia and industry researchers to discuss the resilient networked systems and address cybersecurity challenges posed by advancements in technology.
The Early Intervention and Preschool Conference in Mobile, Alabama aims to unite Alabama's early interventionists, early childhood educators, professionals, and families to exchange knowledge, learn, and build connections. This 2.5 day event offers opportunities for professionals and families working with children aged birth to five with disabilities to share information and enhance their skills. It caters to individuals from birth to adulthood with developmental and physical disabilities, such as autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, spina bifida, or any other delay of 25% or more.
16 Oct
The one event shaping Nigerian Mining Landscape"Nigeria Mining Week is the preferred partner and platform for mining stakeholders and influencers in the public and private sector looking to do business in Nigeria. It offers networking opportunities to connect with key stakeholders, find new partners, customers, and potential projects.
16 Oct
STM’s Frankfurt conference is a highly popular event preceding the Frankfurt Book Fair. It serves as a platform for generating innovative ideas to promote research advancement, which is crucial for addressing the growing challenges in society. However, the communication of scientific findings is becoming more challenging due to rapid digitalization and technological advancements.
The International Regulators' Forum, hosted by BNetzA, will take place this year. The IIC's Annual Conference will follow, along with a gala reception. All delegate fees include meals and breaks. Each organization can send a maximum of two delegates to the Forum. Additional delegates will be at the discretion of the IIC. Different pricing options are available for attending the Forum, Conference, and Small Nations Regulators' Forum.