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24–26 May 2023
Many exhibitors EUNIQUE 2011 have already registered for the EUNIQUE 2012th Take advantage of the opportunity to present themselves and apply quickly. Larger and more international forerunner of the European trade fair for applied arts and design under the motto "Quality First" in their second round ■ 7,800 visitors to the Messe Karlsruhe ■ More than 400 top designers from 21 countries ■ visitor satisfaction increased significantly ■ Exhibitors strike a positive balance ■ Partner Country - Creative "Made in Belgium" ■ program with awards and high-quality special shows
On the initiative of companies and institutions is available from Brandenburg in Cottbus + A Trade Fair for Education Studies with Education THE special concept at the start: the "Lausitz Vocatium + Lower Silesia". Cross-border. The young people of the region are dying many good vocational opportunities - above all in her home - pointed out. Intensive. Not THE "rushing through" The goal is encourage broad visitor. It comes to one (bare die before their graduation standing) between students and exhibitors (training companies, colleges, vocational schools and consultants) as Yield Meaningful consultation to bring about! A perfect fit. Binding. Well prepared.
25–26 May 2023
The Government of the Comunidad de Madrid presents this show that has the dual purpose of providing solutions to companies in selecting technical expertise, and also put in Vocational Education to the fore as more suited to market needs working. In keeping with these priorities, the Department for Education and Employment is firmly committed to this project. This time the fair is co-financed by the European Union through the Operational Programme 2007-2013 European Social Fund, Axis 2, priority 66: implementation of active and preventive labor market. The VII Fair Employment Training Community of Madrid will be held on 14 and March 15 in Hall 2 of the Madrid Trade Fair in Campo de las Naciones. This fair is home to companies and organizations from various economic sectors for two days, mainly to promote employment and business cooperation in vocational training. Do not forget to bring several copies of your resume for companies that interest you! The fair is not reduced only to stand face, but also organize company presentations, information days with human resources managers, seminars ... Upon arrival, go to the information desk and ask our volunteers to give you a company official guide of the Fair, where you will find all information of companies and entities. And do not forget to leave your CV via this website. All participating companies will have access to your profile and contact you
25–28 May 2023
The Essen International Stamp Fair is the oldest event of its kind in Germany, or for that matter, in the entire world. Collectors have been streaming to the Ruhr metropolis from near and far since 1976. Since 2006, the event has been held on an annual basis at the beginning of May. For the last few years, the opening day has been attended by prominent personalities from the world of sports. In 2006, the football star Olaf Thom (FC Schalke 04), member of the 1990 German world championship team, appeared at the fair. In 2007, a great many autographs were signed by handball coach Heiner Brand, who had brought home the team handball world championship trophy to Germany a few months earlier. In 2008 Steffi Jones, President of the Organizing Committee of the Football World Championship for Women 2011, has visit the show.
25–27 May 2023
EUROSON 2012 count on the support of the following societies: Spanish Society of Ultrasound, Ultrasound section of the Spanish Society of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Ultrasound section of the Spanish Society of General and Family doctors, Spanish Association of Digestive Ultrasound, Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine, Echocardiology Section of the Spanish Society of Cardiology and Madrid Small Animal Veterinarians Association. All of these societies will support the celebration of EUROSON in Madrid, not only with the presence of its members at the congress, but also with its active participation in the scientific program, organizing meetings, workshops and conferences on the sidelines and under the umbrella of EUROSON 2012.
25–28 May 2023
Die Internationale Briefmarken-Messe in Essen ist die älteste Veranstaltung dieser Art in Deutschland und in der ganzen Welt. Seit 1976 treffen sich in der Ruhrmetropole Sammler aus nah und fern. Seit 2006 findet die Veranstaltung jährlich Anfang Mai statt. Am Eröffnungstag konnten in den letzten Jahren prominente Sportler begrüßt werden. 2006 kam der Fußballer Olaf Thon (FC Schalke 04), der mit der deutschen Nationalmannschaft 1990 Weltmeister wurde. Sehr viele Autogramme musste 2007 Handball-Bundestrainer Heiner Brand geben, der wenige Monate zuvor den Handball-WM-Titel nach Deutschland geholt hatte. 2008 hielt Steffi Jones, die Präsidentin des Organisationskomitees für die Frauen-Fußballweltmeisterschaft 2011 in Deutschland, am Eröffnungstag eine Ansprache und gab anschließend fleißig Autogramme. Auch 2009 werden wieder prominente Sportler zur Autogrammstunde erwartet.
25–28 May 2023
SIMA 2012, from 19 to 22 April is an indispensable tool for generating sales and qualified trade contacts. By participating in SIMA, promoters, agencies and related-services enterprises have the chance to access high levels of demand from tens of thousands of visitors interested in a first or second home either for their own enjoyment or as an investment option. Do not let your company get left out of the action at the top event in the real estate market. If you want sales, this is the place for you. This is your trade fair.
26–27 May 2023
<b>Be seen. Be professional. Be employed.</b>Australia's largest career and employment event!Employers & Industry with real jobs on offerGraduate, Apprentice & Traineeship OpportunitiesEmployment and Training SeminarsLeading Educators, University, TAFE etc...Skillex - VET sectionEducation & Employment Seminar Theatres
26–27 May 2023
<div> The International Team for Implantology (ITI) unites professionals around the world from every field of implant dentistry and related tissue regeneration. As an independent academic association, it Actively promotes networking and exchange among its membership. ITI Fellows and Members, who now number more than 10,000 in total, regularly share their knowledge and expertise from research and clinical practice at meetings, courses and congresses with the objective of continuously improving treatment methods and outcomes to the benefit of their patients. </div>
26 May — 04 Jun 2023
Between 15 and 24 June 2012, the 16th edition of the Used Car, organized by IFEMA and promoted GANVAM, become wards 1, 3 and 5 of the Feria de Madrid in the best place to buy an employee's all guarantees. The data confirm the latest edition gives the public confidence that the Hall VO and its importance as reference platform for the industry and, in the call 2011, one of every 22 visitors you purchased your vehicle in the Hall: In total, 2,065 cars reached a turnover of almost 41 million euros. The presence at a trade show can bring important benefits to a company, however, the success of participation depends on the preparation you have made. Through this simple scheme, we propose, in a very general statements, the steps that must be addressed. In this sense, the Feria de Madrid, through the support they provide their sales teams, and its Portfolio of Services, offers the ideal framework to facilitate their participation in our events.
26–29 May 2023
12,000 m² of biodiversity: sweet and savory delicacies, organic wines, food energy, good health, natural beauty, wellness, environmentally friendly homes, eco-friendly children, publishing and entertainment, energy efficiency, ethical fashion, natural materials, green building, water living, organic gardening, authentic restoration ... A lot of entertainment on stands. Conferences on topics of health, ecology and habitat.
27 May — 04 Jun 2023
Fair Expo Nancy invites Peru in the Exhibition of Nancy Vandoeuvre with an exceptional exhibition "Gold of the Incas Sacred"! It is also 650 exhibitors on the house, garden, welfare, tourism, gastronomy, crafts ... and entertainment for all. Rates and schedules.
This show features over 160 exhibitors with a wide variety of goods on display and for sale. The features of the show are the floral marquees with their stunning floral displays including medal winners from Chelsea - see below for a list of some of those displaying.Other features of the show include demonstrations, a craft area and children's rides.
27–29 May 2023
THE CLASSIC CAR SHOW The classic car show is a weekend experience for all senses. Be enchanted time for the beginning of the "fair weather season" to the breathtaking nature of the 22ha theme park great pairs / root ganglia and also tell of ancient automobiles, the history of past eras. Traditionally, meet at the weekend of Pentecost 3500 European private collectors to showcase their personal collector's items at the astonished eyes of the public and to give insight into the different kind of lifestyle. Peers and predecessors of today's technology enthusiasts are welcome in the midst of varied nature reserve to share with over 220 exhibitors, with expertise. On the big aftermarket accessories you can purchase unique and exclusive accessories. And maybe you even seduces one of the fascinating collections, the emotions from long ago awaken or they have gone yourself. The classic car show takes place in the theme park MAFZ pairs / ganglia, Gartenstr. 1-3, 14 621-Schöwalde ganglia instead.
27–29 May 2023
We are pleased to present in 2012 a lot of "Garden Dreams". The information about the dates, venues, etc. You can find here. Also you can view some pictures from each show so you get an impression of our popular shows can. If you still have more questions or would like to apply for a booth space, please send us a contact form.
28 May — 07 Jun 2023
A print media trade fair Drupa is an unmissable opportunity for seeing all the latest technologies in media production and processing live in action. It is a constant reflection of the printing and paper sectors. It offers numerous seminars, workshops, talks, individual tours of the trade fair etc. Drupa is aimed towards buyers and focuses on the market-driven applications for printed products.The event organisers are aimed to show heads of marketing and publishing directors, production managers and creative directors the potential of print for marketing.
31 May — 02 Jun 2023
Médical - Hygiène hospitalière Le nouveau congrès se déroulera de la manière suivante :> des sessions professionnelles,> des ateliers,> une session européenne.Les journées du jeudi 3 et vendredi 4 juin se poursuivront sur les thèmes suivants :> abord vasculaire et hygiène,> apport de la biologie moléculaire a ppliquée à l'investigation et à la prévention des Infections Associées aux Soins,> aspects psycho-sociaux de l'application des recommandations d'hygiène hospitalière,> développement durable et hygiène.1 000 participants Audience › National
31 May — 02 Jun 2023
t is a challenging time for the pharmaceutical industry with generic competition, price restrictions and the US healthcare reforms impacting on current and future revenues.Companies are increasingly turning to their pharmaceutical development departments to get new drugs to market and extend the lifetime of existing products. With the global market for advanced delivery systems amounting to $134.3 billion in 2008, and estimated to reach $196.4 billion in 2014*, it is becoming increasingly evident that new technologies are critical for the future of the pharma industry.Drug Delivery and Formulation will see over 200 industry professionals from across pharmaceutical and biologic formulation and drug delivery disciplines converge to discuss themes including: Formulation strategies for poorly soluble compounds Novel delivery methods for protein and peptide therapeutics Reformulation for product lifecycle extensions Advances in drug delivery devices and the impact on formulations Partnering and out-sourcing to support in-house formulation development The impact of product price restrictions on the investment in novel delivery technologies  
31 May — 01 Jun 2023
The German-Polish trade fair for education + study "Vocatium or region / Vocatium w Regionie Odry" held under the auspices of the Federal Minister for Education and Research, Annette Schavan, and her Polish counterpart, the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Ms. Prof. Dr. Barbara Kudrycka, for the fifth time in Frankfurt (Oder). At this educational exhibition about 1,700 well-prepared young people are expected to inform themselves about 60 exhibitors. The young people are informed prior to their visit to the schools about the exhibitors and their educational opportunities through the exhibition team. Included are some 45 German schools - from Angermünde in the north to the south and Neuzelle in the west to the outskirts of Berlin. It will be attended ten schools in Poland. For the student fair, the team arranged for up to four mandatory counseling sessions at the show. The prospective graduates also have the opportunity to check-built application portfolios among the exhibitors or the CCI booth to let. Organizer of the Exhibition Industry and Commerce East Brandenburg, concept and organization are owned by the IfT Institute for Talent Development.
01–02 Jun 2023
The Reptilienbörse Augsburg is a fair for reptiles terrariums and accessories. Many exhibitors at the Augsburg Reptilienbörse a great and varied selection of exotic animals, plants and related accessories. found to include reptiles, amphibians and small mammals, terrariums, UV lamps, irrigation, plant for rainforest and desert terrariums, and food animals and extensive literature. The Reptilienbörse Augsburg is a paradise for reptiles friends and all who want to become.
01–02 Jun 2023
EXPOLINGUA Berlin is the leading international fair for languages and cultures in the German speaking area and offers a comprehensive overview of the different ways of language learning and teaching. Exhibitors present language learning opportunities worldwide to provide innovative language learning methods and offerings, with new media and information about the culture and language of other countries.
01 Jun 2023
Course-Congress SFAV (French Society of Abord Vascular) held annually since 1992. It brings together angiologists doctors, surgeons, radiologists and nephrologists participating in the VASCULAR hemodialysis. The reception of hemodialysis nurse is the collaborative effort of AFIDTN (French Association of Nurses (es) Dialysis, Transplantation and Nephrology), which provides, once again, a "morning Nursing / eras "on Monday morning! The purpose of these meetings is to provide an updated table and multidisciplinary knowledge base concerning the Abord Chronic Hemodialysis vascular, to discuss how informal, to promote research and publications in a area where the Europeans are well represented. The success these days is in your hands.