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05–14 May 2023
> 50,000 m2 EXPOSURE All business sectors are represented with over 700 exhibitors (indoor and outdoor housing, health, beauty, entertainment, vehicles ...). > A VILLAGE GOURMET MISSED The Village Gourmet, unique and friendly, offers a wide range of gastronomic specialties from various countries. > AUDIENCE OF ALL HORIZONS Over 200,000 visitors from throughout the Region are expected each year.
05–08 May 2023
* Festiculture you to experience an unforgettable weekend on the theme: "Meeting with Turkey." * A single cultural event that will make you discover the riches of Turkey through numerous events and products of the craft. * The Turkish cuisine you will also appreciate new flavors through various traditional specialties ... * Many activities will be offered to younger: theater, bouncy castles, circus, zoo ... * Do not miss the May 5,6,7,8, Turkey rewarding meeting!
05–06 May 2023
The exhibition is a pharmaceutical Interpharm Hamburg Trade Fair with Congress and discussion forums. Around 100 exhibitors at the trade fair in Hamburg, Interpharm their pharmaceutical products, new products and services. See, for example, medicinal teas, products for nutrition and dietetics, pharmacy technical requirements, nursing, medicine, pharmacy and cosmetics, bandages are decorative, advertising and packaging. The Interpharm Hamburg is also the most important trade fair training session with a certified training conference, as well as discussion forums and company
The fair CLASSIC BODENSEE Friedrichshafen is a trade show event for classic vehicles on land, sea and air. Presenting over 300 exhibitors at the Messe Friedrichshafen Bodensee KLASSIKWELT to around 60,000 sq m of exhibition space many historic vehicles, services, classic car parts and accessories. Vintage and classic car services are directed at experts and lovers of classic cars, flying boats and tasteful rarities. The many special exhibitions take visitors to the CLASSIC BODENSEE Fair in Friedrichshafen, nostalgic times. A paradise for Tüfftler and screwdriver offers the popular classic car parts market.
05–06 May 2023
The fair LIFE AND DEATH Bremen is a fair & Congress on the topics of prevention, care, support, and bereavement leave. Many exhibitors at the LIFE AND DEATH Messe Bremen their products and services around the issues of prevention, care, monitoring, the farewell, grief and dying in dignity and is aimed at both primary and volunteers from the hospice and elderly care, the funeral services, chaplains, from the cemetery area, and to all interested parties. The lectures, seminars and workshops of the congress of the LIFE AND DEATH Bremen round exhibition on issues such as living wills, funeral and burial options addressing the wide product range.
05–07 May 2023
The FORSCHA goes with children and young people on an interactive journey into the future. Playfully they can help you discover new things, immerse yourself into the exciting world of science and technology. Curious to try. Amazing experience. Make their own inventions. Laboratories with experiments, workshops and compelling presentations with workshops vividly convey seemingly complex situations. Competitions, quizzes and a quiz to deepen the new knowledge, directed play and age appropriate. Without moralizing pedagogy.
06–07 May 2023
The real estate fair Allgäu & editing days is the biggest event in the region around the four walls. More than 140 exhibitors will present their offers and services to the areas of real estate acquisition, financing, construction, renovation and interior design. Rounding out the exhibition Allgäu Property & editing days through the extensive range of resale properties.
06–08 May 2023
WinDoorEx Middle East - the Middle East's largest trade show for products of Doors, Windows, Facades, glazing, Components and Prefabricated Units. Firmly established itself as the only trade show in the Middle East where Arab and international professionals meet to initiate business and to build up and cultivate contacts. Despite the wave of uprisings and revolutionary demonstrations in Egypt and several Arab countries have passed on, WinDoorEx Middle East is growing steadily and strongly. The three-day trade fair provided a significant increase by 23% in size as well as 11.6% in exhibitor and 21.2% in visitor numbers compared with the launch show in 2010. Participants were highly satisfied, particularly with the comprehensive range of products on display and with the professional flavour of the show. Over 92% of exhibiting companies were able to report positive business enquiries. The Middle East annual growth rate, the construction sector, which was estimated at around 20% from 2010 to 2014, will also benefit from the many hi-tech architectural projects in the works in the coming years. These projects are characterized by flawless design and refined materials. Further to the growth of domestic and foreign investments in the construction
06–07 May 2023
Around 750 exhibitors from 16 nations have restored the complete vehicle, ABOUT parts, literature, model cars, etc., just about everything dazugehцrt a hobby "Oldtimerei". Six other halls house OLD-TRADE (everything about the hobby of classic car) and OLD-MUSEUM CLUBPRДSENTATIONEN (about 90 clubs and 7 museums), and TEMPORARY. DOROTHEUM AUCTION on the classic car show in Tulln: Jaguar, Ferrari, Alfa, Mercedes, Porsche - material from which the Trдume closed for car lovers. At the Sotheby auction in the context of the classic car show in Tulln return outstanding vintage cars, classic cars and automobilia Motorrдder and a Bug's selection from around the world under the auction hammer.
06–08 May 2023
Die Messe Inter Brush Freiburg ist eine internationale Fachmesse für Maschinen, Material und Zubehör der Bürsten-, Pinsel-, Farbroller- und Mopindustrie.Rund 180 Aussteller präsentieren auf der Inter Brush Messe Freiburg aktuelle Technologien, Halbfertigprodukte, sowie Rohstoffe für die gesamte Bürsten- und Pinselbranche. Das Anegbotsspektrum umfasst dabei Produktions-, Verpackungs-, Schneide-, Spritzguss- und Etikettiermaschinen, Bürsten, Pinsel, Farbroller und Mops, sowie Halbfertigerzeugnisse und Rohstoffe wie Bürsten- und Pinselkörper und Pinselhaare.Darüber hinaus können auf der Inter Brush Freiburg Messe zahlreiche Maschinen, die Bürsten und Pinsel aller Art herstellen in kompletten Produktionsstraßen begutachtet werden.
Expat-Expo is a one day event designed for the English-speaking people of Switzerland. We showcase a wide variety of businesses, organisations, сlubs and churches from all over Switzerland and Europe. Participation is open to all nationalities, races and religions and space is awarded on a first-сome-first-served basis. You may sell your products directly to the visitors, however Expat-Expo is primarily designed to demonstrate your business or organisation and develop contacts with potential customers.
09–10 May 2023
The exhibition is Vocatium central Germany in Leipzig Trade Fair for A + training course on the Qualified contacts between students and exhibitors is the goal. Even before the start of the Leipzig Vocatium central Germany are to die for students tailored, organized their vocational interests Corresponding individual appointments. The dates for the students communicated Werden 14 days before the start of SO, prepare yourself with this Can Targeted One short application on your Gespäch. The goal of Vocatium central Germany, it is not fair, many visitors as possible durchzuschleusen, But die for the men and boys do and universities as possible to achieve a high quality of the counseling sessions.
09–11 May 2023
PCIM is Europe's leading meeting-point for experts out of the areas Power Electronics and its applications in Intelligent Motion and Power Quality. From latest developments of power semiconductors, passive components, products for thermal management, new materials, sensors as well as servo-technology and the wide area of power quality and energy-management - PCIM offers a comprehensive, focused and compact presentation of products all under one roof.
09–11 May 2023
Vitafoods Europe is only event in the world to concentrate exclusively on the expanding market for nutraceuticals, nutricosmetics, functional foods and drinks ingredients & raw materials. The Vitafoods Europe Conference has built an international reputation within the nutraceuticals industry as a high-quality conference delivering a programme that covers the hottest topics and themes in food ingredients.  The conference attracts some of the leading industry figures to share their latest findings and discoveries.  As well as meeting some of the world's leading suppliers, visitors took advantage of a range of free eduational features designed to provide updates on the latest industry developments, including a packed Seminar Theature and bustling New Products Zone
09–11 May 2023
Traditionally the SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING forms the ideal platform for the industry's leading companies. Among other things the show presents the latest trends and developments as well as up-to-date solutions. With foreign companies accounting for 33% of the exhibitors, the event offers not only a wide, but also an international spectrum. And you too, can benefit from the success of this well-established event! The highly qualified audience from over 50 countries rated the exhibition extremely positively. From design and development to PCB production, components, packaging and test systems - SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING offers a comprehensive and compact presentation of products all under one roof!  Modern productionElectronic systemsDesign and developmentComponentsPCBTest systemsPackaging and basis materialsMachineryApparatusAutomobile engineeringInformation and communication technologyAdvanced PackagingASICsAutomatic placement machinesBGAsBoard DesignCAEFPGAsHybridsSolderingMCMPCBsTestScreen printingSMD / SMTTest equipmentMaterials
09–11 May 2023
International Trade Fair for Sensorics, Measuring and Testing Technologies with concurrent Conferences. 
09–11 May 2023
Vom 8. - 10. Mai 2012 heißt es wieder "Studenten treffen Unternehmen". Im modernen Kongresszentrum darmstadtium sind über 200 Unternehmen aus ganz Deutschland und international auf der Suche nach Praktikanten, Werkstudenten und Absolventen.
ZOW - these three letters since 1995, inseparable from the furniture supply industry. ZOW is now synonymous with a new, more efficient way of meeting place, shall take her workshop concept as the guiding communicative innovation platform in the industry. At ZOW, ​​the decision-makers from the furniture and furniture supply industry at the premiere of new products and design solutions that are forward-looking.
09–10 May 2023
The Corporate Health Fair Convention is a European trade fair for health promotion and demographics. Many exhibitors at the Convention Corporate Health Fair Cologne their products and services in the areas of inpatient and outpatient prevention, health-oriented office furniture and workplace design, company catering and food, medical products, diagnostics and IT solutions, as well as continuing education and training. In practice, different forums will also lecture about the Corporate Health Convention KölnMesse and discuss current issues.
09–11 May 2023
Additive manufacturing processes are becoming a basic tool for more and more industries. The Rapid.Tech trade fair in Erfurt also profited from this in 2010 with 1,100 visitors and conference participants as well as 57 exhibitors. This focused, established trade fair is presenting the world of additive manufacturing again with all its possibilities from 24th to 25th May 2011: from the manufacturing of prototypes to the direct production of end products and their components. Direct generative manufacturing is the main focus as the manufacturing process with the greatest potential. There is no better forum for machinery developers, design engineers and users for a quick, practical and industry wide exchange of knowledge.
Informa Telecoms & Media today announced the shortlist for the IPTV World Series Awards.The Award Winners will be announced at the IPTV Awards Gala Evening, hosted by TV and Radio.Recognises a service launched by an operator or service provider in 2009, and delivered fully or in part over an IP network, which made a significant contribution to service revenues and customer satisfaction. A service or product could be a complete IPTV launch or it could be a new service as part of an existing IP TV offer, such as the introduction of HDTV or DVR for example. 
09–12 May 2023
The CONTROL fulfils a leadership function. As the world’s only trade fair which focuses strictly on quality assurance, it presents the entire spectrum of products, systems and complete solutions for efficient, effective quality assurance. Innovative companies prefer to exhibit their new products at CONTROL for the first time, because international expert visitors attend the event in order to gather information about worldwide offerings and how to exploit them in actual practice as quickly as possible.  Measuring technology: Mechanical measuring instruments, CNC machines, special purpose measuring systems, components and accessoriesMaterial testing: Machines for testing tensile strenght, torsion, pressure and bending resistance, apparatus for non-destructive material testingAnalysis apparatus: Components and systems for water, air, gas and material analysis, layer thickness measurementOptoelectronics: Sensors, fibre optics technology, industrial image processing, optoelectronic measurementQuality Assurance Sytsems: Process control, automation systems, QA data processing, documentation, identificationOrganization: Management consultants, services, publishers, hard- and software
The All-Energy  Exhibition & Conference is UK's largest event devoted to all forms of clean and renewable energy. First run in 2001, the show has grown steadily since - the 2010 edition was the tenth in the annual series. For visitors, admission to the exhibition and conference is free of charge to all with a professional interest in renewable/sustainable energy. Please see the visitor profile for more informationFor exhibitors, All-Energy is highly relevant to companies actively involved in all areas of the renewable energy industry - wind (onshore and offshore), wave, tidal, hydro, hydrogen and fuel cells, solar and bioenergy (biomass, biofuel, biogas). These companies come from both sides of the "buying/selling fence". For companies eager to become involved in the renewable energy industry for the first time - take a look at the exhibitor profile section to see just what is needed by the offshore wind industry alone! Yes, it is a long, long list.To see more specific information about the development of individual renewables sectors in Scotland, courtesy of the SRF, please follow the links on the left.  
10–12 May 2023
Six months before the start of the 12th RETTmobil, the preparations for the European trade fair are in full swing. At a general meeting of the IKR e.V. - the Association of Manufacturers of Ambulances and Emergency Vehicles, which is the honorary sponsor of RETTmobil since 2001, all details regarding the largest event of the industry in Europe were discussed, covering exhibition, education and mobility. Again more than 300 exhibitors from more than 16 European countries will present themselves on 70,000 sqm of exhibition space and display their products. In 17 exhibition halls, on the extensive outside area, the test-drive terrain for off-road driver training and a test track for driving safety exercises, more than 20,000 professional visitors from Germany and abroad are expected next year.