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08 März 2023 - 12 März 2023
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Internationale Handwerksmesse is the leading trade fair for the craft trades. It is here that the craft trades demonstrate the full range of what they stand for: diversity and quality, innovative strength and commitment to training for young people, as well as reflecting the key role they play in the economy and in society as a whole. The full range of this diversity and capability is shown at Internationale Handwerksmesse: from applied arts and crafts specialists to automobile mechanics, from bakers and butchers to carpenters and systems mechanics. Internationale Handwerksmesse reveals the innovative strength of the craft trades. Both trade professionals and consumers will find modern solutions and creative ideas here, both for the private sphere and for day-to-day professional use. Promising candidates for the renowned federal and state awards are regularly to be found among individual exhibitors as well as the participants in the special shows TALENTE, "INNOVATION GEWINNT!" and the nationwide competition “Die Gute Form” organised by the carpenters’ guild. Internationale Handwerksmesse is also committed to providing long-term support for those starting out in the craft trades: at the special area “YoungGeneration”, the live demonstration “Automobile-related professions”, the special exhibition “Ways to design – Training in Bavaria” and at the numerous stands of the craft trade organisations.
Adresse: Deutschland