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За събитието
With the past tourism focus having been on the Leisure and Business sectors, the introduction of the Sports and Events Tourism Exchange (SETE) Exhibition and Conference is an integral part of promoting the new “sports” trend within the industry. We see SETE 2011 becoming the inaugural, and thereafter, the annual Sports and Events Tourism gathering to attend in Africa.

Sports and Events Tourism Exchange will provide a platform to:
- Pursue bidding and hosting of major international events
- Promote South Africa as a training destination for northern hemisphere athletes 
 in their winter months
- Promote South Africa as a destination for social participants in sport, exploiting 
 our golf courses, beaches, stadiums and hiking trails.
- Increase Tourist volumes, spend and length of stay
- Promote transformation
- Promote local federations and associations
- Showcase South Africa’s experience and expertise in hosting and managing large 
 international events.
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